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Dog Talk 9 Explained

See that normal dog in the middle?
See that normal dog in the middle?
Zen Paws

This video was posted in an attempt to clearly show a dog exhibiting compulsive behavior. And, well, the video does that. It shows the yellow Lab going around and around (and around and around) in circles. If something gets in her way she enlarges her circle but she continues circling.

What I didn’t fully realize at the time I posted this was that in posing the question “One of these dogs is not like the other, which is it?” I was setting myself up.

As I stated, all dogs are uniquely special but of this bunch, I was looking (in the back of my mind at any rate) for the dog that was not normal.

In going over and over the video (in a bit of a compulsive manner) I realized that one of the dogs was unlike the others and the reason is because she is completely normal!

The video illustrates canine compulsive behavior but of the other 4 dogs pictured the only normal one is Mandy, the other yellow Lab who is calmly lying down in the midst of any and all nonsense around her.

The Labradoodle who is chasing the compulsive dog around is mostly just your basic nutty adolescent pup, but he does have Separation Anxiety and can do some serious damage to his owners home when left alone.

The Great Dane, staying wisely out of the fray by lying on the couch has a Thunderstorm Phobia. It can be inconvenient enough when your 10 lb dog is scared and wants comfort. Imagine when your 160 lb dog wants in your lap?

The little black Lab mix could be the nuttiest of them all, he suffers from a generalized anxiety and is fearful of almost all new people and many things that crinkle (including his own food bag).

So I find the answer to my own question quite comical. None of these dogs are like the others and that’s what I love about each of them.

I’ll write in future articles about some of the things that can be done to fix canine quirks such as like Separation Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety and Thunderstorm Phobia’s. A good start is here.

In the meantime, to Mandy and her wonderful owners – I know of no cure for normal. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Zen Paws


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