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Dog Talk 8 Explained



  • jill 5 years ago

    My Lucy is also a noisy and wild pup when she plays, but my favorite part is when the alligator mouth (as you call it), never actually comes into contact with any part of the other dog. My Lucy's favorite way to play is to grab the other dogs' collar or harness and drag them to the ground by it, and she makes the most ferocious sounding noises when she thinks she has the upper hand. But when she knows she is not the top dog in the pile, she is silent. It is a riot to watch, if you understand how to read her noises and postures, as you seem well-equipped to do. I know exactly when she gets overwhelmed and overexcited and needs a break. And i always make sure she takes five before she escalates.

    This is a great article. Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely link to you from my page (I am the Brickell Avenue Dogs Examiner). Keep up the great work!

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