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Heiress adopts Lady: Rejected by family after 30 mile trek, now in lap of luxury

Lady the dog walks 30 miles home, only to be turned away, now adopted by Wrigley Chewing Gum Heiress Helen Rich!
Lady the dog walks 30 miles home, only to be turned away, now adopted by Wrigley Chewing Gum Heiress Helen Rich!
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The plight of a senior black Labrador Retriever taking a 30-mile trek back to his family who didn’t want him has caught the eye of an heiress. The story of Lady, the black lab, captured the heart of Wrigley Chewing Gum heiress and animal lover, Helen Rich. She heard about Lady’s unfortunate fate from an article penned by Cheryl Hanna from the Examiner, according to the New York Daily News on August 1.

Cheryl, who is the Pet Rescue Examiner, published an article that detailed how the senior dog’s life changed drastically when her original owner died and she was put in a shelter in 2012. She was adopted out by a family and things seemed to be fine until they got a smaller dog and Lady couldn’t adjust to the new pet addition.

This prompted the family to give Lady up for adoption. Again Lady was taken in by a seemingly good home, but she longed for the family she had lived with since her original owner died and walked 30 miles back to Sedan to that home.

The plight of Lady was amazing, especially since she had trouble walking, so that journey was not only long, but painful for the dog. Once she found her way back to the family, they still didn’t want her and sent her back to the shelter.

Rich was vacationing in Hawaii when Cheryl’s article was brought to her attention. This dog was going to have a new life with Rich, who didn't waste a minute putting the wheels in motion to bring Lady home. A private jet was sent for Lady along with Rich’s assistants and she was whisked away on a private jet to her new home on Thursday.

A picture of lady sitting in her own seat on this private jet was posted on Rich’s Facebook account, along with the announcement that Rich has adopted her. While luxury is really appreciated by humans, it doesn’t mean all that much to dogs. What does matter is someone to be there and love the dog.

Rich will be the one to give Lady the number one necessity, love. Lady is now living in a three story 11,000 square-foot home in Odessa and Rich will fly home to meet Lady on Saturday. She promises that Lady “will never be scared or lonely again!”

You can read Cheryl Hanna's Examiner article below in the "Suggested by Author" section, this is the article that started the ball rolling for Lady's new home!

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