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Dog survives 30 foot plunge from New York bridge

Positive Tails FB Page

According to Wednesday's NBC New York News, a pit bull is lucky to be alive today following a harrowing 30 foot plunge over the side of a bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The dog, dubbed "Meeker," for the street that he landed on, somehow went over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway bridge on Tuesday evening, narrowly missing the fast-moving cars below. Jon Ernsberger, who stopped his car after witnessing the heart-stopping tumble, told the New York Post:

I thought for sure it would be dead. It had blood coming out of its mouth. It tried to stand up and it was whimpering,”

Lacie Zassman, who also stopped to lend assistance, told the Post:

When I showed up, he was just breathing really heavily not making any noise…It looked like impact had broken his bones,

No one can say with certainty what caused Meeker to fly over the edge of the bridge - there is speculation that he might have been hurled from a moving car. Ernsberger described the terrifying scene to NBC New York News:

The way he was falling, head over heels down on the pavement, it just made us think we had probably seen a dog being thrown over the barrier,"

After tending to the injured dog at the site where he landed, Meeker was bundled up to be moved to a veterinary hospital for emergency treatment. According to Opposing Views, more than one area veterinary hospital refused to treat the dog, but the good Samaritans hit the jackpot when they reached out to Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group (VERG).

Meeker is in stable condition at the veterinary hospital where he is being treated for a collapsed lung and other impact-related injuries. Dr. Brett Levitzke of VERG told the New York Post:

He’s sore, definitely from landing. Fortunately he didn’t sustain any broken bones… He’s getting a lot of love here. He’s a really sweet dog,

Nobody is sure who Meeker belongs to because he does not have a microchip and he was not wearing a collar - the incident has been reported to the police. According to ABC 7 News, VERG is receiving assistance from the non-profit charity organization, Positive Tails.

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