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Dog surrendered in San Francisco because he was just 'too old'

Meet Chelo who was surrendered because he was just "too old."
Susie's Senior Dogs

UPDATE: Chelo has been rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and has been adopted. Live your life to the fullest Chelo.

Animal Planet calls San Francisco one of the greatest getaway destinations for dogs and their humans; the city boasts lots of dog playground parks, beaches and scenic dog walk routes.

What a tragedy, however, for this little senior dog, surrendered at a county shelter because he was "too old." Meet little Chelo, a 15-year-old dog, a sweet little guy with a lot of life left, now available for adoption.

According to Susie's Senior Dogs, a Facebook page recently started where one senior dog at a time finds a bond with their new human; the idea that age is a privilege has attracted more than 149,000 "likes" advocating for senior dog adoptions.

And it's not that rescuers are easily shocked with the multitude of irresponsible owners who drop off or abandon their pets because of age, breed, behavior, or even color; it's that sometimes excuses just defy and violate the most basic decencies.

Read little Chelo's actual intake report as he was surrendered:

Why are you surrendering this dog? "Old too old, got a newer dog to replace."
How long have you had this dog? "15 years"
When was this dog last vaccinated? "Never"
Health issues? "Just old"
How many hours was this dog outside? "24"
How many hours was this dog left alone? "24"
Where was this dog housed? "Housed under the porch."

Referred to as a "cuddle muffin," little Chelo needs a local home because of his advanced age.

Follow Chelo's Facebook thread by clicking here. Please share his story with your friends, relatives and coworkers.

Please contact Patty at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue by emailing or calling 415.272.4172 ASAP. It's coming up on the weekend, perfect adoption timing!

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