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Dog struck by car, in isolation at animal control, needs out now


Update 7/24/14: The Joy In My Heart Foundation rescued Fancy today!

A young, petite Chihuahua dubbed "Fancy," managed to skirt death when she was struck by a car in southern Calif., and survived.

The incident left Fancy with some scars, a pelvic fracture and an endearing head-tilt, but she did not lose her sweet demeanor. After being hit by the vehicle, the 8-pound dog was taken to the South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control facility where she has remained in isolation.

The staff who has provided little Fancy with care have noted that she is a "nice little girl," and those who have been made aware of Fancy's situation are hoping that she can be rescued before her luck runs out.

A shelter volunteer wrote:

Surely there is someone who can save this little girl -- on medical alert since July 10th. Living in an ISO cage means a shelter dog has very little time before a decision has to be made.

The following was added about Fancy's somewhat shy disposition and the odds of her overcoming her uncertainty:

A couple of scars remain atop her head -- they will heal in time. But, will her innocent heart that trusted people heal as well?

After seeing her in her cage week after week, after spending time with her in the small play yard, we feel certain that it will. In fact, sit down next to Fancy and you may soon find her moving ever so slowly, step by step, in your direction, and then, little by little, placing her head in your lap for comfort.

Fancy does not have the luxury of time - please take a moment to help network her information.

  • Petharbor link for Fancy here
  • Fancy - ID#A1488900
  • Age 2 years
  • South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381 or (213) 485-0214
  • Please direct ALL inquiries to the facility; ask for information about animal ID number A1488900
  • Facebook thread is unknown

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