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Dog stolen months ago is found and reunited with guardian

Reunited with guardian
Reunited with guardian
Family photo

A dog who was stolen after hopping out of his fenced-in yard back in February, has been found and reunited with his guardian in Hillsborough, N.C., reported Friday's publication of the Herald-Sun.

Junior, who was 15-months-old at the time that he vanished, was stolen by a man in an SUV three months ago. Junior's family searched high and low for the no avail. Everything changed on Thursday when a woman who read about the dog's disappearance reached out to Deborah Bryant to let her know that the missing dog's whereabouts were known.

Bryant enlisted the help of the authorities - an investigator went to a house in Haw River and met a man who claimed to have purchased Junior for $350 at a flea market. The investigator let the man know that he needed to relinquish the dog, or he would be charged.

Shortly thereafter, Deborah Bryant was reunited with the young dog - she stated:

He was jumping all over me and licking me, and I was crying,”

It was raining, but I didn’t care, because we were just so happy.”

Deborah phoned her son, Kevin, to let him know that his beloved dog was coming home.

The woman who provided the case-breaking tip was given a $200 reward, though she asked for nothing. Junior's family happily provided it and hopes to give her more - suffice to say, they are thrilled that their 4-legged family member is safely back home.

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