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Dog stolen from home during burglary returned to owner

Dog stolen from home during burglary returned to owner
Dog stolen from home during burglary returned to owner
Susan Lubang / Q13 Fox News

A stolen dog returned home late late night after he had been missing for four days. Q13 Fox News reported on the night of Monday, July 28 that a dog named Buboy who was stolen during a recent burglary was seen by a viewer, who helped reunite the dog with his guardian.

Viewer Gary Borman found the missing dog in his Beacon Hill neighborhood on Friday night and knew that it was the same dog when he saw Buboy's image on television. “I had been looking for his owner, because I knew someone was worried. My wife and I are animal lovers ourselves.”

Buboy's guardian, Susan Lubang, is overjoyed to have her family member back. “It’s a miracle!” she stated.

The little Lhasa Apso went missing after a home break-in last Thursday morning where thieves took clothing, shoes, electronics, and 8-year-old Buboy. Susan Lubang stated the left left her unnerved and heartbroken. “You feel scared, you don’t know what to do. Sometimes you ask yourself, why me?” she stated.

According to police, thieves got into Lubang's home through a second-story window. Lubang stated: “The material things can be replaced, but dogs are like family members. He could not have gotten out of this place, because the fence is closed all around. My guess is they carried him and jumped.”

Police stated that witnesses did see someone climbing over Lubang’s fence that morning, but no one could get a good description of the suspects and no one reportedly saw the stolen dog. Buboy's absence was felt by the entire family - including Lubang's three other dogs - who are no doubt happy to have their family complete once again.

While bold dog thefts are shocking, they are not all that unusual across the United States. Numerous dog thefts have made headlines nationwide in recent months. In Dec. of 2013, a Bernese Mountain Dog was stolen from her outdoor kennel run at her Fort Worth, Texas home, only to be returned later. In April of this year, a Yorkshire Terrier was stolen from a woman's New Jersey home during a first date gone bad. Like Buboy, this stolen dog was also returned a short time later. In May, a stolen Yorkshire Terrier in New York was returned after he had been gone for four days. Just this month, a stolen English Bulldog in Michigan was returned to his home after someone anonymously called the family and told them where to find their stolen dog.

While dogs of all sizes and breeds can be subject to dog theft, smaller breeds, like Yorkshire Terriers and Lhasa Apsos, are easier to conceal - and potentially worth a lot of money for greedy thieves. The Yorkshire Terrier stolen from New Jersey was reportedly worth $4000.

Lhasa Apsos are popular dogs who are known for their independence. According to the American Kennel Club, Lhasa Apsos are small, hardy dogs that have a gorgeous cloak of hair parting down their back from head to tail. Lhasas are also very popular in the show ring.

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