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Dog still in boarding for months after being saved from certain death

Via Reach Rescue

Update 9/18/14: Adopted!

A young dog who was saved from certain death in Chicago, Ill., has spent half of his life in a cage. The dog, a two-year-old pit bull mix named "Shorty," was picked up as a stray in May of 2013, and taken to the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility.

An owner never materialized for Shorty and his time at the animal control agency ran out. Fortunately, the friendly dog had endeared himself to many of the employees at the facility and when the time came for him to be put down, they pooled their own personal money together and paid to have him sent to a rescue agency.

Unfortunately, Shorty does not get along with other dogs - which meant that he went to a boarding facility, rather than to a foster home and today, months later, he is still sitting in a holding cell, rather than living in a home.

A woman who works as a volunteer dog walker reached out to the National Dog News Examiner with a plea to help this dog who has also wound himself around her heart - she wrote:

I am a teacher at Buffalo Grove High School. I spend my summers at local animal shelters walking dogs. I always manage to find one dog I absolutely fall in love with and they usually have a really sad story.

He is honestly a REALLY amazing loving dog for all that he has been through and deserves a forever home. I am driving an hour to walk him and play with him so that he gets to see the light of day. I would take him if I did not have two of my own already, and one that just had ACL surgery so she certainly cannot be agitated.

He deserves to live in a home and share all of the love in his heart he is just dying to give! PLEASE GIVE SHORTY A CHANCE!

The woman, named Paige, will not be able to make the long trek to see Shorty on a regular basis as soon as school gets back underway in just a few short weeks. Knowing that Shorty's time with her will soon come to an end worries Paige, and she is desperate for him to find a home before that happens.

Shorty's rescue agency, Reach Rescue Inc., posted the following information about this wonderful dog:

Shorty is a very loving kind-hearted dog. He lives to please whomever he is with and loves to give tons of kisses. He loves to go hiking, running, play fetch and go for long walks. While walking, he constantly looks back to make sure you are still there and check in to make sure he is doing a good job.

He never pulls on the leash and knows commands such as “down, leave-it, stay, sit, and wait.” He responds very quickly to commands and is always eager to obey. He allows bones to be taken out of his mouth without hesitation if instructed to “leave it.” His tail never stops wagging, nor does the smile ever leave his face. He is simply, happy to be alive.

They added:

Unfortunately, Shorty does not do well living with other dogs. He therefore, needs to be placed in a home where he would be the only pet. He is fine walking past other dogs, as he does so daily on the forest preserve path. Here is he is instructed to “leave it” and does so as he continues to keep walking.

He has interacted with several children from ages 3+ and strangers during our hikes and has always been well behaved. However, Shorty is still very “puppy-like” in that he “mouths” at times when being played with. He responds well to “no” when this occurs and immediately stops the behavior. Due to the “mouthing,” we feel he would be best placed in a home with older children.

Please take a moment to network Shorty's information - he has spent long enough without a home and deserves to have the opportunity to share his love with a special person.

Questions or inquiries? Call the rescue agency at 847-637-5661 or email the volunteer at

Find the rescue agency at this link to Facebook or on the web here.

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