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Dog stabbed to death at Georgia adoption event

Clicks for Clara FB page

A tragedy unfolded over the holiday weekend when a dog was stabbed to death at an adoption event which was held in Newnan, Georgia, reported Monday's Newnan Times-Herald.

An adoptable pit bull named "Clara," was attending Sunday's event, held at a Coweta County area pet store, when she and a small dog began to fight. Exactly what happened next depends on which witness was questioned.

Some who observed the disturbing situation have stated that Clara had the smaller dog by the neck and would not let go...others have stated that the dogs were separated when the smaller dog's owner launched his deadly knife attack on Clara.

The recount of the actual stabbing seems to be consistent, and disturbing - the owner of the small dog repeatedly stabbed Clara in front of other shocked individuals who were at the retail establishment, including children.

One witness described the scene to the president of an area non-profit rescue agency, Stubby's Heroes, as follows:

Clara just lay there, almost smiling with her mouth wide open, not fighting back, as the crazed man continued to knife Clara. It was a bloodbath. He knifed her over and over and over and she just lay there. She did not fight back. There was blood everywhere. My child was there, several children watched and cried and screamed. The crazed mans' own son was just quiet, looking around, in amazement, it seemed."

Police were called out to the scene and the man, who has not been identified, was questioned and released.

The small dog was said to have sustained minor injuries, but the stab wounds were severe enough that Clara had to be humanely euthanized. Clara had spent over half of her life in boarding, waiting to find a home of her own. An online community known as "Clicks for Clara," had been created to help the homeless dog find a new guardian.

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