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Dog in Southern Utah shot from behind with arrow and left in desert to die

Remy survived a three-hour operation and it is hoped he will recuperate.
Ivins Animal Control Aggie Smith

Sgt. Kurt Bowen of the Washington County Sheriff's Office in Ivins, Utah helped a young pit bull after the officer found the dog on Friday morning along Highway 91 with an arrow sticking through its body, reported the

Sgt. Bowen immediately performed triage and wrapped the injured animal; he then called for the assistance of Aggie Smith, the Animal Control Officer and director for Ivins Animal Shelter.

"I've been doing this for nine years and I've seen a lot of this stuff, but nothing that bad," stated Smith when she examined the dog.

According to the St. George News, the dog's injuries were described by Smith as follows:

"The dog was shot from behind and the arrow went all the way up to its stomach, nicking its intestines in two or three places and injuring the outer area of its pancreas. The arrow blew out the area underneath the dog’s stomach and the dog’s interior fat was pushed out as a result of the injury, which ultimately saved its life."

“That stopped the bleeding,” Smith said. “He would’ve bled out.”

Now one would expect any dog in such pain to be aggressive and try to get away from any human, but this sweet boy was reported to just constantly wag his tail. As Smith prepared to take the dog to Red Hills Animal Hospital, normally she puts the dogs in the back of her vehicle, but this pooch just jumped into the front seat of her truck and gently pressed his 60 pound body and head against Smith's shoulder for the entire trip back.

Now named Remy, the dog survived his surgery.

The story isn't over yet for there's more heartwarming news from the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The St. George News reports that Sheriff Cory Pulsipher offered to pay for all of the dog’s medical expenses.

On the Facebook page of Friends of Ivins Animal Shelter, another description of Remy rang out asking for emergency help stating:

"Dr. Hannig was amazed at how sweet he is under such painful circumstances. Remi was so happy to have someone helping him that he continued to wag his tail."

Remy is going to need a great foster home to recuperate. If interested please call the Ivins Animal Shelter at 435-628-1049, or call Smith directly on her animal control cell phone at 435-669-7043.

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