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Dog sounds UFO alarm to sleeping owner

  On Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 10:30pm in Southhaven, Mississippi (about 10 miles south of Memphis), a man was awakened by the urgent whinning of his dog wanting to go outside. The man (who for now will remain anonymous) said his dog had never insisted on being taken out that late at night before. So in response to his animal's obviously earnest plea for relief, the man got up to take him outside.

  As our witness opened the door to his house's back patio (which faces north towards the Memphis International Airport), his dog didn't go into the yard as expected, but instead just went and sat down on the patio and conintued to whine plaintively. The man then saw what had precipitated the canine alarm. They had an extremely strange visitor in the neighborhood. No more than two blocks away, just under the low cloud cover, a large, ghostly white spherical object was circling around up and down (clockwise), moving right to left in his line of sight. [The witness said that this thing had the apparent size of a cantelope held at arm's length.]

  [It is probably important to note that at approximately 10:30pm when this man was seeing this anomalous aerial object, a thunder storm was approaching from the West. Yours truly was out on his front porch in Memphis in the Mid-town area (about 10 miles north of Southhaven) also at about the same time and captivated by seeing some of the most curious lightning he had ever witnessed. The streaks were shooting diagnonally upward, making horizontal forking thrusts, and even describing wavy, squiggly lines that were looping and curving back on themselves---no normal-looking electrical discharges going towards the ground! A meteorologist much more conversant with weird atmospheric phenomena might not have thought this so amazing, but for one who had never witnessed such, it was truly a riveting little show. Now in retrospect it seems synchronistic to me that at the time I was watching this, the thought kept occurring to me that these were ideal conditions for a UFO to manifest in { they are often seen during electrical stomrs}.]

  The Southaven man watched the strange object only a few moments before running to wake his room-mate up so he would not miss out on this exciting opportunity of seeing a UFO. Both men watched aghast for about 5 minutes as the UFO continued to circle clockwise almost directly above the Trinity Baptist Church. Then in typical UFO fashion it suddenly accelerated at a blinding speed and was gone.

[Postscript : the dog probably was disturbed by an ultra high-frequencey sound emitted by the object. The human witnesses to this UFO event never heard any thing.]