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Dog some claimed should be euthanized is now healthy and needs a home

Several months ago, Sequoia, a Siberian husky, was emaciated and suffering from long-untreated mange. Her frail body and oozing, infected skin led some to suggest that she should be humanely euthanized.

Sequoia then and now
Janice Wolf
Sequoia then
Janice Wolf

Fortunately, the now 18-month-old dog, who had been suffering in a rural Arkansas animal control facility, was not put down...she was rescued. Janice Wolf of Rocky Ridge Rescue, took Sequoia under her wing and began to treat the raging infection that had taken hold in the young dog's body, as well as the mange which was causing so much pain.

Fast forward to less than four months, Sequoia has been transformed from a dog who was miserable and suffering, to a dog who is the picture of health. The one final piece of this rescue puzzle which must be completed to call Sequoia's journey a true success, is finding her a new guardian.

On July 4, the following information was posted on the Rocky Ridge Facebook page about Sequoia:

Here is Sequoia now, ready for a forever home! Sequoia is a wonderful young Siberian Husky, about 18 months old and weighs 58lbs.

She is rather calm and quiet for a Husky and very good in the house. She does get very excited at meal times though! Sequoia gets along well with other dogs and is hanging with a sheep too! She is not good with little furry or feathered critters though.

She loves to run and play with other friendly dogs. Sequoia is a little shy with new people and wary of men, but once she trusts someone she is a lap dog! Sequoia is smart and wants to please. She has not challenged the 4 foot fence at all. Sequoia would likely do well with older children, but younger ones might make her nervous unless they were calm.

As always, I DO adopt out of state!

Sequoia is located in Midway, Arkansas. Anyone interested in offering her a loving home should click here to complete an adoption application.

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