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Dog shot by Woonsocket police, then "euthanized" on scene by Animal Control


According to WPRI, a family dog is dead, shot by Woonsocket, Rhode Island police.

The shooting occurred June 16 around 2:30 p.m. On Sayles Street. Police were attempting to locate Richard Vien, who had an active arrest warrant out of Woonsocket Municipal Court.

Officers say they were forced to shoot to dog after knocking on the window of a camper they believed Vien was staying in. A large pit bull named Tiny is said to have charged from the camper, where he began growling and snarling at the officer.

Both officers pulled their weapons and began backing away from Tiny. The officers fired when Tiny allegedly charged them.

Animal Control responded, and determined Tiny was critically injured. Tiny was euthanized on scene, and police took custody of his body.

The incident is under investigation.

The family posted their version on Craigslist

"Yesterday morning while hunting down my father who had been late paying housing fines and had a new warrant..went to my fathers trailer (my dad lost his house.)... killed his dog. My dad was gone for an hour and came back to blood in front of the door and his best friend no where in sight. He had no note or anything they took the body and switched shifts and left us in the dark for the night. He didnt bite anyone they didnt pepperspray taze or baton him they just killed him."

Tiny was more than a dog to his family. He was a member of the family who loved them, and would die for them. He was a bed dog who loved not only his family, but everyone he met.

Everyone except the police, whom Tiny most likely thought were a danger to his family. Unfortunately, police chose to shoot Tiny rather than use a non-lethal means to subdue the dog.

The Facebook: Woonsocket Police Department page is taking a beating since the incident.

Rest in Peace, Tiny. Hopefully your family will have a necropsy done, just to be sure you weren't retreating from officers when you were shot. It's disturbing to know police took custody of Tiny, since this could cover up anything that differs from their official report.

The family has started a Facebook: Justice for Tiny page here.

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