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Dog shot by sheriff's deputy has been returned to her family

Family photo via Police State USA

According to Tuesday's WIVB News, the dog who was shot in the head by an Erie County, N.Y., sheriff's detective in late July, has been returned to her guardian.

The dog, a pit bull mix named "Lady," was shot in the head when plainclothes detectives entered the backyard of a home in East Concord while searching for a man who did not reside at the residence; the dog was in the yard with Megan Shimburski's five-year-old daughter at the time that the shots were fired.

Days after the shooting, which Lady miraculously survived, authorities returned to seize the dog from her family because she was believed to be "dangerous" after allegedly charging at the deputies who had entered the yard on the day of the shooting.

On Tuesday, Shimburski and her lawyer, Matthew Albert, fought for Lady's life at a dangerous dog hearing; a judge agreed to allow Lady to go back to her family, but she is officially declared to be a "dangerous dog," and as such, she has many stipulations which have been placed upon her.

Lady's family is now required to post signs on their property which declare that there is a dangerous dog on the premises, Lady must wear a muzzle when out on public property, and she must leashed and in the control of an individual who is 21-years of age or older whenever she is outside.

The rules imposed on the dog have angered her guardian, who stated:

“I’m feeling like there was a giant injustice done here. She’s not going to have the life quality that she deserves.”

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