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Dog shot by police may be released, if owners comply to rules

Companion dog impounded/NOT Jackson
Companion dog impounded/NOT Jackson
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According to Tuesday's publication of the Topeka Capital-Journal, the guardians of a dog who was shot by police in Topeka, Kan., late last week, will have to comply with certain court-ordered rules, if they want to get their impounded dog back before the conclusion of a dangerous-dog hearing.

At 1:30 a.m. last Friday, three-year-old "Jackson," was let out of his house for a potty break...the timing could not have been worse because the dog encountered two police officers who were on foot patrol in the area. The presence of the unrestrained, unaccompanied pit bull resulted in one of the police officers shooting the dog in the right hindquarter.

Though no one was attacked, Jackson's situation resulted in a "dangerous dog" case. If his owners want him back in a timely manner, they must register their dog, provide him with a microchip, confine him to an enclosure and keep him muzzled and on a four foot leash when he is outside.

Jackson's guardians are upset - the dog serves as a companion dog to 56-year-old Rick Rodecap, who is disabled. Though Mr. Rodecap's physician sent in a letter stating that Jackson serves as a companion dog, the family never had the dog officially registered as one.

Rick's wife, Paula, told the Topeka Capital-Journal:

He’s not aggressive at all,”

“He is a one-of-a-kind pit bull.

However, the judge who listened to the case advised the Rodecaps that the stipulations are for the dog's safety. Associate Judge Lloyd Swartz said:

I don’t want the dog put in danger again,

I need the dog protected if it is going to care for you.”

The Rodecaps have stated that they cannot afford to comply with the court-mandated conditions. Paula Rodecap stated:

“The judge is asking us to spend money we don’t have. I’m disappointed,”

“The officers in this are wrong. He was shot because he was a pit bull.”

The court will make a determination about Jackson being labeled as a dangerous dog at a hearing with is scheduled to take place on July 22.

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