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Dog shot by Derby police officer raises speculation about legal process

Blue, a year-and-a-half white pit bull who has always been known to be a sweetheart, according to her owner, is recuperating after being shot by Derby police.
Blue, a year-and-a-half white pit bull who has always been known to be a sweetheart, according to her owner, is recuperating after being shot by Derby police.
Julie Skelton-Lee FB

Two neighborhood dogs, who have never been in trouble in the past, were reported to have mauled and killed a cat early Tuesday morning on Duckcreek Lane in Derby, Kansas reported the One of the dogs was shot in the chest by a Derby police officer, but has received treatment from a veterinarian hospital and is expected to recover.

The two dogs, one a young pit bull named Blue, owned by Tyler Boyles of Wichita, and a husky named Nukka, owned by Joseph Mayadd, 16 escaped from their yard. As soon as the dogs escaped, the boys and their friends began to look for their pets by posting signs, asking friends on Facebook, and advertising on Craigslist.

When the owner of the cat the husky had mauled saw the dogs, she called authorities. An Animal Control officer and the Derby Police arrived at the residence and made attempts to capture the animals. The pit bull was alleged to have growled and acted aggressively towards a witness and the officer; the dog was then shot in the chest by the officer.

Both dogs ran away.

Officers spent hours searching for the dogs; knowing that Blue had been shot.

Hours later, Julie Skelton-Lee found the dogs outside of Shirts Plus, a local business establishment on Buckner. Julie knew the police were looking for them, and took photos with her cell phone of the dirty and extremely exhausted dogs. She approached both dogs without any incident, and noted that Blue was having trouble breathing.

According to the owner of Blue, Tyler Boyles, told news the following:

“Personally, I know her intentions would not be mean just because I’ve been around her enough to know she’s just the biggest sweetheart in the world, but I guess she could be intimidating to someone that didn’t know her. It just blows my mind to think how she would, or they claim she would do something like that.”

The mother of the boys, who own the dogs, is due to appear in court on July 31, when a judge will decide if the dogs should be considered vicious and if they will be ordered to be euthanized.

"Do you just get a bad rep because you're a pit bull?," asked Jennifer Conroy, of Miami Beach. "In my city, we're not even allowed to own a pit bull in the city limits, which pretty much puts a death sentence on so many beautiful and kind dogs. I hope these dogs get to go home. Yes, it was terrible that they killed the woman's cat, and the owner should be held accountable, but to put the dogs to sleep for this or that the dogs were probably scared out of their wits with everyone chasing them. Who knows what went on? I'm sure the woman whose cat was killed was distraught, so her perception may have been out of shock and despair."

Meanwhile fundraisers and petitions are being circulated to save the dogs and to help pay for Blue's veterinarian bills.

Residents who wish to help can sign the petition for Blue and Nukka online, please click here.

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