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Dog shot by deputy, necropsy reveals that dog was running away when she was hit

Candy was shot by a sheriff's deputy
Candy was shot by a sheriff's deputy
Justice for Candy Middleton Facebook page

According to Wednesday's My Fox DFW News, a Rains County, Texas, dairy farmer's dog was shot by a sheriff's deputy who had responded to his report about a robbery.

Candy and a bunny
Family photo via Facebook

The farmer, Cole Middleton, did not get the help that he had hoped for - instead, his two-year-old blue heeler, "Candy," was mortally wounded when the deputy shot her. According to Middleton, Deputy Jerred Dooley shot Candy because he claimed that the dog had charged him and that he felt threatened.

The deputy's version of what took place contradicts the findings of the veterinarian who performed a necropsy on Candy's body. Kevin Bankston, DVM, examined Candy's body and determined that the bullet had entered the back of her head and exited through the front of her face - strong evidence that Candy was running away from the man who shot her.

Middleton is devastated over the loss of his dog - his constant companion and working partner for the past two years.

He told My Fox DFW what he said after being told that his dog had been shot:

The officer comes down and says, ‘Sir, I'm sorry, I shot your dog -- she charged me,’

I became very hysterical and very upset…I said, ‘No, no, no…you shot my baby.’”

The situation was more traumatic because the shot to Candy's head did not immediately kill her - in fact, when Middleton pleaded with the officer to finish what he started, the man refused and Middleton was forced to end Candy's life himself, with his own hands.

The support for a Facebook page created to seek justice for Candy is growing by the day - currently, over 17,000 individuals have joined the page. A petition (click here) currently has nearly 7,000 signatures.

The deputy who shot Candy is currently on administrative leave.

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