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Dog shot by deputies who were trying to serve a search warrant

Dog shot by deputies serving a search warrant
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According to Thursday's publication of the Washington Missourian, a dog was shot and killed by deputies in Franklin County, Mo., who were trying to serve a search warrant.

The deputies were at the residence investigating a stolen vehicle which was reported to be on the property - residents at the property had been arrested in the past for various crimes. The vehicle in question was located, seized and removed from the property.

The deputies did not locate items that had been reported to be inside of the stolen vehicle, so they secured a search warrant for the home, and returned to the property to complete the search for stolen goods.

The situation became dangerous when repeated attempts by the deputies, to get someone to answer the door, failed. When no one answered the door, the deputies attempted to gain access to the home's interior through a window - one officer came face to face with a protective dog inside of the house.

After utilizing pepper spray on the dog, the deputy was able to exit the residence.

After the window attempt, a woman finally came to the door and the deputies informed her that the dog needed to be secured in order for the house to be searched - though the woman told the deputies that the dog would be put away, the door was instead opened and the dog exited.

The deputies have stated that the released dog "aggressively" charged at them - the dog was killed when the officers opened fire.

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