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Dog shelter being evacuated over fear of flooding

Jersey, one of the dogs that need out of shelter
Jersey, one of the dogs that need out of shelter
Morrow County Dog Shelter

UPDATE: 2/20/2014 via Morrow County Dog Shelter's Facebook page: "ALL remaining dogs will be moved out of the shelter today... Please be patient with us while we address the flooding situation over the course of the upcoming days. The storms (rain) are slated to begin tonight."

Three years ago, an unexpected flood killed three dogs at the Morrow County Dog Shelter. This time, the shelter is ready - and is asking for help getting all dogs out before any flooding occurs.

“Due to the upcoming storm…, the warm up later this week, and the potential for heavy rains Thursday” the shelter says on their Facebook page, “we are expecting and planning for a flood situation at our shelter.”

Temporary homes have already been found for some of the dogs, however, at the time of this writing, the Morrow County Dog Shelter lists six dogs on their Facebook page which need out by Thursday.

Morrow County Dog Shelter is not asking for individuals to foster the dogs, but needs a rescue or shelter to take and keep the dogs only while the building suffers from flooding, should that occur.

Transport can also be arranged.

Any rescues or shelters which can help are asked to call the Morrow County Dog Shelter located in Mt. Gilead, Ohio at 419-946-1747 or send an email to

Follow the Morrow County Dog Shelter on Facebook.

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