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Dog severely burned to help Marine as both survive tragic wounds

Phoenix was burned, but he lives to help others!
Phoenix was burned, but he lives to help others!

Do you need a little encouragement today? Watch the video of this inspiring story and change your perspective of why you think your life is so challenging. “He’s an amazing dog. He’s shaking and just so happy to see people. Skin falling off of him and he just wants to be loved” says Patty Amoroso of Furry Friends. Nothing will touch your heart more than when you watch the video of Phoenix the wonder pup. Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic took Phoenix in from Broward Animal Control. Phoenix was found on the streets after being lit on fire. While recovering at the veterinary clinic, Phoenix was noticed for his sweet disposition and eager attitude by C.A.M.O., a charity group that trains dogs for veterans.


Canines Assisting Military Vets Organization (C.A.M.O) is a non-profit organization that rescues shelter dogs to help assist disabled veterans. C.A.M.O is an impressive group that connects two deserving souls to help each other in the walk of life. Dogs like Phoenix are rescued from hopeless situations and provided with extensive training. The goal is to match them with a disabled veteran suffering from PTSD or living with an injury incurred from serving our country. What an honorable thing to do. C.A.M.O rescues the dog and then the dog rescues the person.

“Risen from the Ashes”

The name Phoenix was chosen in honor that he has “risen from the ashes.” I think it’s quite fitting. Watch the video here. With grace, joy, and excitement for the future; Phoenix is moving on with life. He is full of boundless positive energy and love to share. Remember when we “Act Selfless We Become Infinite.” If this four legged fur kid can be selfless, surely you can too. Try it. Please visit both organizations Facebook page (C.A.M.O and Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic) and offer them support as they continue to help others by rescuing dogs in shelters and then helping humans who have helped serve and protect our nation.

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