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Dog’s toenails: Is regular polish safe?

Is your polish safe for dogs?
Is your polish safe for dogs?
Morguefile / Kevin_P

Many people have their dog's nails clipped and polished as part of the regular grooming process. These little diva dogs sport nails of every imaginable color. Some pet owner’s even paint their dog’s toenails at home and think it is cute and safe. Maybe you even dip into your favorite color of polish, so that you and your canine critter can show off matching nails. Should you?

A report on WebMd, has determined that some nail polishes contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans. If it's harmful to us, isn't it harmful to our pet's too? According to the report, the toxic chemicals may not be on the label, but they were found in the nail polish.

What Nail Polish Does Your Groomer Use?

You should know what kind of polish your groomer is using on your dog's nails. Some groomers may not be aware that there is a difference in human nail polish and doggie nail polish. If you ever polished your dog's nails yourself, you probably didn't realize it either, did you?

There are nail polishes designed specifically for pooches' nails. For instance, Color Paws is advertised as being safe for your dog and claims to have no formaldehyde in it. The ingredients in some nail polish that have been labeled as the "toxic trio" are formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.

Is It Toxic to My Dog?

In recent light of all things harmful, it's hard to determine what is okay to use and what is not. Products we have used on our dogs for years are suddenly toxic. Foods we have fed them since birth are being recalled. Being a good pet parent means doing your research and knowing what the ingredients are in everything we use for them.

If you decide that nail polish really might be harmful, then ask your groomer to stop painting your dog's nails. If you paint them at home with some of your old polish, check to see what the ingredients are, or better yet, just don't use it. Yes, their toenails look pretty, but is it worth it if there are harmful chemicals in the polish?

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