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Holistic Pet Care
Holistic Pet Care

Holistic Medicine: Animal Teachers

Animals teach us many things as we associate and observe their behaviours. These relationships are special to us. We expand our understanding of life through these experiences and we learn things that might have passed us by had we not cared so deeply for these amazing beings. Click here and Enjoy these pictures and the lessons our supporters share.

Does your "pet" have a message?

We invite you to send a picture of your animal teacher, its name and the lesson you learned, and permission to publish it to and the AHVM Foundation Face book page. We may edit the captions. We will publish select photos with their messages in this section... Keep the messages short so we can easily include them on the picture. Send to

A Thank you to the AHVM Foundation, for providing brilliant veterinarians the platform to utilize the knowledge and expertise collected, and to support their integrative endeavours to strive for better treatments for our beloved family members. There is nothing more worthy of our support.

We are asking for your help this month.The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation is the only organization specifically dedicated to supporting research in holistic veterinary medicine.

We ask you to make a donation as little as $12 for the year which equals just $1 dollar a month (the computer just cannot actually charge $1 dollar per month) Of course any donation would be appreciated. We want this work to be continued as it will change “health” possibilities as we know it.

The big news is that

This month from March 23- March 30 all donations will be tripled by Dr Karen Becker of Healthy Pets at

Click on the AHVM Foundation Web site donation page and give anything you can toward a naturally healthy future that may one day change the course in your animal’s life.

Looking for a Holistic Vet? Visit:

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