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Dog's shocking condition is not pregnancy related

Screen shot via WRCB TV News

According to Saturday's WRCB TV News, a pit bull mix who was seized in Chattanooga, Tenn., has a hugely bloated abdomen, but it has nothing to do with being pregnant. The dog, named "Diamond," has a heart which is no longer functioning properly thanks to long-untreated heartworms.

Diamond was recently seized by animal control officers with McKamey Animal Services after a concerned citizen reported a possible case of neglect - the dog's owner, who has not yet been named, had been keeping the dog at his mother's home and the woman claimed that she just thought that the dog was pregnant.

McKamey Animal Service Supervisor Tiffany Newcomb told WRCB News:

After the dog had been in that condition for quite some time I think he realized that indeed was not pregnant and it was something serious wrong with her but he still failed to contact anyone,"

Diamond's abdominal area filled with blood and fluid because her damaged heart could no longer pump properly; she has had several liters of fluid drained and is currently on medication to help ease her discomfort. Unfortunately, thanks to the amount of time that Diamond's heart was under siege from the deadly worms, she may not survive, even with veterinary treatment.

One of Diamond's veterinarian's, Dr. Jerry Latham, spoke about the dog's dire condition:

A lot of patients that come in like this they're automatically euthanized. They're not given a chance,"

Dr. Latham added a hopeful comment:

We're going day by day. Just the fact that she's able to get up move around and walk, that's a plus,

After Diamond's story reached the public, offers to adopt poured in; her prior owner has relinquished ownership and if she survives, she will not be allowed to go back to him. Veterinary costs for Diamond are being picked up by The Regional Institute for Veterinary Emergencies & Referrals (RIVER). The prior owner has been cited for neglect.

Watch a news clip about this situation here.

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