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Dog's fight for life harmed by phony donations to GoFundMe


Sheba resides at Felines & Canines, a no-kill shelter in Chicago. The dog suffers from parvo which can be a deadly disease when it reaches the intestines. It appeared as though things were turning positive for Sheba after generous donors responded to an online fundraiser to help with expensive medical expensive designed to save the dog, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Tuesday. However, it turns out that a great portion of the huge donations were bogus.

The executive director of Felines & Canines, Abby Smith, says that she just doesn’t understand it. She asks why anyone would make phony donations. She asserts that its extremely harmful to Felines & Canines’ purpose because it makes people think they have already hit their financial goal to save Sheba when – in fact – they are far from it.

The sad story regarding Sheba began three days ago on Saturday when the organization was asked to take Sheba – a pit bull mix – in. Initially, it was thought that the dog simply had a cough. However, upon further investigation, it was found to be parvo which can be fatal. Smith says that there was an effort to have a blood transfusion, IV fluids and an all-night veterinarian tech to assist the pooch. The cost would be $600. In an effort to raise funds, the organization turned to, the popular fundraising website.

By Sunday, there were ample donations to assist with their plans to save Sheba, but some of the transactions totaling $3,000 were not legitimate. It is reported that credit card thieves sometimes try out stolen cards on such websites to check the validity of the cards stolen. That is because online donations are fast and never require a physical credit card. The National Consumers League on Fraud says that a person just needs a stolen credit card number to make such a transaction.

Additionally, GoFundMe admits that its website attracts fraudulent donors looking for a method of testing the validity of a stolen credit card. It says that Amazon and eBay face the same fraudulent purchase attempts. GoFundMe says that it does have some safeguards in place that cancel phony donations very fast.

As for Sheba, the dog is still in critical condition. Donations are still needed to save her. As medical bills pile up, Sheba is expected to experience a lengthy time in recovery from her illness.