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Dog runs for Mayor of small Texas town

Amidst cat fighting and back biting, a canine named Dylan Westie, age 10, has entered the political fray in small town politics. Mike Howard of Irving, Texas was tired of the in-fighting and political chaos in the small town and decided to do something about it, according to Ny Daily News, Feb. 22, 2014.

Howard wanted to bring attention to the absurdity of the cat fighting and lackluster leadership in Irving's city politics; so he entered Dylan's name in the Mayoral race. Howard also cited "inflated egos" as an additional rationale for filing Dylan's candidacy.

As Howard put it, unlike the others, Dylan "is docile, friendly and people just love him." The furry white haired canine will smile, pant and remain humble even when facing a media blitz.

Howard admits that it is likely that Dylan's Mayoral candidacy will be rejected by the city clerk for a variety of reasons, including the fact that his application form lacks the required signature or "paw print." This primarily was because Howard was unable to find a notary who was willing to notarize the document.

Despite the odds against Dylan's candidacy, Howard remains philosophical. So far as he is concerned, he has attained two major objectives by filing Dylan's candidacy: 1) He has brought attention to the newspaper that he runs on Irving politics called the Controversial Committee Report and 2) He has called attention to the probing issues in Irving politics. As Howard put it:

"I know it's a political farce but I hope it will knock the scales off some people's eyes about the issues in city government."

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