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Dog reunited with owners at animal shelter 18 months after Hurricane Sandy

A displaced dog was recently found by the owners 18 months after Hurricane Sandy in what may seem an impossible event.

Reckless is reunited with his owners 18 months after Hurricane Sandy
Facebook/Monmouth County SPCA/Rusty Rembrandt

Chuck and Elicia James shared the story of Reckless, a brown and white terrier-pitbull mix that was lost when the fence enclosing their yard was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.

After the dog Reckless, belonging to the James family went missing it may have been taken in by another family before landing in the Monmouth County SPCA. Reckless arrived at the SPCA in November of 2013.

Although the James' had not been able to find Reckless for several months and not acquired another dog, responding to their daughter's wishes recently, the family began looking for another dog.

Their visit to Monmouth County SPCA led to the discover the Reckless, given the name Lucas when he arrived in November, was there.

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To their surprise, the first dog they were introduced to was one named Lucas, who had a striking resemblance to their former pup.

"He jumped 3 feet in the air," James said. "He immediately recognized us. And then the tears came -- there wasn't a dry eye in the place."

The James' confirmed it was their dog based on an uncanny scar on the top of his head.

"After Sandy, we had so many animals being turned in," said Jerry Rosenthal, president and CEO of the animal shelter. Rosenthal told CNN that 3-year-old Reckless ended up at the shelter last November after an employee found him on the streets.

For more details about the Montmouth County SPCA and their services as well as learn about pets that are available for adoption, please visit their website and their Facebook page.

The following articles will offer readers information about microchipping pets so that in the event a pet is lost or stolen, a veterinarian or shelter will be able to locate the owner in a short period of time.

Should you mircochip your pets?

Microchipping helps connect lost dogs and cats with owners.

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