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Dog "rescued" numerous times in one week is now terrified at West L.A. shelter

Jackie was allegedly dumped at a West Los Angeles shelter

A South Los Angeles dog is in a West LA shelter after being rescued numerous times in one week, Facebook reported February 9.

Claudia Perez, AKA Cloud Nyne, is well known in south Los Angeles as an angel of mercy. Claudia gives of her time to rescue animals in her area, and to help feed and clothe the homeless in her area.

It was with this in mind that on February 6 a student from SAREA School contacted Claudia about a dog found cold and shivering outside a Jack in a Box in Huntington Park. The little dog, now known as Jackie, was soon placed in her loving hands, where she brought him home and began networking him on social media.

Jackie spent the night in Claudia's home, where it was soon realized the dog was in bad shape emotionally.

Claudia received a message from a lady who recommended a 501c3 rescue, and the rescue was contacted. According to her Facebook posts, Claudia met with the representative of the rescue outside a pet care store in West Los Angeles. She was comforted in knowing this frightened dog was safe, and a good home would be found for him.

It was shocking to learn that Jackie was dropped off at a West Los Angeles shelter the very night he was supposedly rescued. The intake date at the shelter shows this poor baby was dropped off on February 7, the very day he was handed over to the rescue.

From information gathered between different Facebook threads, a woman who follows LA on Cloud9 and is in rescue herself recognized Jackie from an ad on Petfinder, showing the dog had been dumped at the shelter.

This is where the situation gets tricky. The lady with the rescue allegedly claims Jackie has cancer and is bleeding internally and should be euthanized. In other words, the excuse why he was taken to the shelter is because he's dying.

The shelter has no medical notes on this little pup except that he is terrified and tries to bite. The shelter said a woman dropped the dog off claiming it was a stray.

When told a rescue group had taken the dog in, then decided they didn't want him, the shelter stated they have no knowledge of a rescue group for the dog. An individual left him there to die in that shelter.

The West Los Angeles shelter says Jackie does have a microchip, so he's being held until February 17 to give his owner time to claim him. Meanwhile, he's sitting in a shelter cage with a behavior mark already against him. He's cold and alone and doesn't understand why he's there, especially after spending one night in a loving home.

Jackie was first rescued by the student, then by Claudia and finally by the rescue who promised to keep him safe. He's had a very stressful dog week.

Hopefully, Jackie's owner will turn up at claim him. In the meantime, please share this article, especially with friends in the Los Angeles area. If no one claims this guy, we need to be sure he doesn't fall through the cracks because of shelter policy. Especially since a few people have offered to give Jackie a forever home.

Good luck, Jackie. You didn't do anything to deserve this heartless treatment.

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