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Dog rescued from Tampa Bay has a mysterious past

Baby, a dog found in the middle of Tampa Bay treading water to stay alive.
Baby, a dog found in the middle of Tampa Bay treading water to stay alive.
Tampa Bay Times

UPDATE: Baby once had a loving home for 10 years but her owner passed away. She was ultimately rehomed through Craigslist but ran away from her new family. No one knows how she ended up in the Bay, or where she was for close to a month, but Baby has found a new home. Her new name is Gracie and she has been adopted.

Baby, a missing dog found in Tampa Bay.
Tampa Bay Times

On the morning of January 2, 2013 a dog was found treading water in Tampa Bay, Florida, two miles from the shore, according to the Tampa Bay Times. A fisherman saw the dog's nose and pulled her aboard. When the fisherman docked at Demens Landing, a local resident wrapped her up in a towel and took her in.

Though she wouldn't eat or drink, she kept a close eye on her new caretaker, afraid to be alone. No one knows how long she was in the water but she must have been treading water all night. It took her about eight hours to stop shaking.

The dog, who had a collar and tags on, is named Baby. She was brought to the veterinarian where it was discovered she had a microchip. Unfortunately, though they found a name, the phone number was no longer valid. However, it revealed she was reported missing two years ago.

Now the search is on to find her owners. The hospital staff can't speak to her breed but say she is in good health and appears to be well cared for. Baby is a brown dog, roughly 18 inches in height and about 20 to 30 pounds. She was wearing a red collar with a pink rhinestone tag. She's well socialized and obedient.

If you recognize Baby, please contact the Banfield Pet Hospital in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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