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Dog recovering after snout duct-taped shut and dumped in the desert

Escondido, Calif. - A dog whose muzzle was duct-taped shut and dumped to die in the sweltering hot Coachella Valley desert is recovering at Animal Urgent Care in Escondido, according to 10 News San Diego.

Thanks to It's The Pits Dog Rescue and Carlsbad City Councilman, Keith Blackburn, who also volunteers at It's the Pits, Tundra - as he is now called because of his "fortitude and incredible will to live" - was rescued from a Coachella shelter and taken to the Escondido vet.

It appears Tundra was somehow able to take the duct tape off himself, but only after much effort and injury to himself. Blackburn said to 10 News San Diego, "I'm guessing he got the duct tape off by scratching it against trees and scratching it with his paws," and further stated, "That's how he sustained these deep cuts and then he just tried to survive in the desert."

As evidenced by the photos in the slideshow, Tundra is in pitiful shape. Dr. Scott Dilorenzo describes Tundra's physical state as "one of the worst [he has] seen for sure...."

Despite the evilness of the act perpetrated upon this helpless dog, Tundra harbors no ill-will or spite. On the contrary, Dr. Dilorenzo describes his spirit as "just incredible." Blackburn said, "I've never seen one come out this skinny and you know what, he's still forgiving, still wants to be touched, still wagging his tail."

Such is the nature of dogs. They're forgiving to a fault.

The good new is Dr. Dilorenzo says Tundra's "prognosis is excellent." Nevertheless, he still has a long road to a full recovery. Donations are needed for the vet care he will need to help him get there. If you wish to donate towards Tundra's care, click here. If you would like to foster or adopt Tundra, click here. For more information regarding Tundra or It's The Pits, call (858) 484-0985.

You can follow Tundra's progress on his facebook page, which already has more than 2,200 fans. To watch the video of Tundra taken by 10 News San Diego, click here.

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