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Dog recovering after being stabbed in the face in Georgia

Rottweiler stabbed in the face
Rottweiler stabbed in the face
Screen shot via WSBTV

A Rottweiler is recovering after being stabbed in the face in Henry County, Ga., reported Wednesday's WSB-TV 2 News.

Nobody knows who stabbed the six-year-old dog, named "Girl," on Tuesday, but investigators are hoping that a witness will come forward to shed light on the disturbing case of animal cruelty.

Girl belongs to Jackie Cross, and it was her 11-year-old son who first saw the dog with the switchblade protruding from her face on Tuesday morning.

Cross has stated that her son is traumatized by the horrible event:

My son just started to cry. He was so afraid, you know, like someone is trying to hurt us; someone tried to kill her,"

Girl was rushed to a veterinarian for care; the knife was so deeply embedded into her bone that it took more than one attempt to remove it. The wounded dog has undergone two surgeries since the time that she was attacked.

Cross, who works as a waitress, is struggling to pay the $2,500 veterinary bill generated from Girl's care. Anyone who is interested in helping can call Mallards Landing Veterinarian Hospital at 770-957-3220.

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