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Dog recovering after being dragged behind truck

Dog being dragged behind truck
Dog being dragged behind truck
Via WAFF News

According to Monday's WAFF News, a dog is recovering in Madison County, Ala., after being dragged behind a truck.

Witnesses snapped a photo of the disturbing scene on Friday, and immediately contacted the authorities - by the time that the police responded, the truck had disappeared. Until Monday, deputies had been searching for the driver of the vehicle and by Monday evening, more of the story was revealed.

Janet Hunter, owner of the dog who was tethered to the rear of the truck, has called the incident an "honest mistake."

Hunter told WAFF News:

"The dog went to sleep under the truck. Normally she would come up wagging her tail, but she didn't,"

After traveling, for what Hunter stated was less than a mile, the dog's presence became known and the vehicle was stopped and the dog was removed from the rear bumper.

Amazingly, though the dog was injured, she is expected to make a full recovery. The dog's veterinarian, Connor Sindel, stated:

"The owner was distraught because there was a lot of blood, but [the injuries] were not as serious as you may think that they would be,"

The sheriff is conducting an investigation to see if any cruelty charges are warranted.

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