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Dog pulled from sinkhole by firefighters: Water-filled sinkhole in Buffalo park

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Firefighters saved a dog who dropped more than 10 feet to the bottom of a water filled sinkhole on Sunday. The owner was walking the dog in a Buffalo, New York park when the dog tumbled in, almost taking the owner with it, according to MSN News on Feb. 3.

Mattie Moore couldn't do anything to help her dog, the ground was unstable and the hole was in a deep hole, but the firefighters arrived and went to work. They laid plywood around the sinkhole to help stabilize the ground around it. One of the firefighters climbed down a ladder to the dog and fastened a make-shift harness around the dog using the dog's leash.

They then pulled the 3-year-old German shepherd out of the sinkhole and back on solid ground to safety. The dog had a sore hip, but other than that he fared through the ordeal quite well. It was a broken water main that saturated the ground around it that most likely caused the sinkhole.

Sinkholes have swallowed people, animals and vehicles in the past year. One man in Florida lost his life when a sinkhole developed under his bedroom and took him, still in his bed, to the bowels of the earth. His body was never recovered. They are dangerous because they tend to grow and when they do the dirt falls down and covers what ever is in the bottom of the hole. Thankfully the dog was rescued before that could happen.