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Dog protects missing boy from storm: 3-year-old found after 7 hours

Family dog protects missing boy until found by searchers
Family dog protects missing boy until found by searchers
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A loyal family dog protects a missing boy after the boy wandered off from his North Dakota home on Monday night. The three-year-old boy was never alone. His loyal dog, Cooper, was with him.When the boy's mother, Courtney Urness, realized that, it gave her hope that her missing little boy would be found. My Fox DC reported on this little boy's story, and it is safe to say that this is not something you hear of every day.

Cooper was just returning the favor with this act. This family took in Cooper after he was abandoned by his former family. He is now a very important part of this family, and it isn't likely he will be abandoned again. A group of 200 people went searching for Carson when he went missing from his North Dakota home, but the searchers on foot had to give up their search because of a thunderstorm and heavy rain that hit around 2.a.m. that night.

Those searchers using ATV's were able to continue the search, and one of the volunteers spotted the dog as morning approached. The dog stood up when spotted, and the boy was found underneath his faithful pet. The dog had protected him from the storm. The boy was picked up, and his dog followed closely behind the ATV. The search lasted seven hours, according to Valley Live.

Courtney and Brock Urness are just happy to have their little boy home safe and sound. His clothes were torn, and his feet were cold. That is the worst of the damage though. Cooper was okay too. He is now home with his buddy Cooper. What do you think of this story about this loyal dog and this very lucky little boy?