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Dog protects missing boy: Found in field, boy huddled under dog in thunderstorm

A dog protected a missing three-year-old boy, who had wandered away from his rural home just as the heavy rains of a thunderstorm drenched the area. Carson Urness was discovered missing by his mother at 7:30 p.m. on Monday night, according to News Max on May 8.

Dog protects missing 3-year-old boy. The dog stayed with the missing boy for the 7 hours he was missing from home and was found laying on top of the child protecting him from a thunderstorm.
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While Carson's mother was inside the house attending her 11-month old baby, Carson wandered away from the family's home in rural North Dakota. The boy's mother searched frantically for Carson for about 30 minutes before calling her husband.

That is when the father said "Where's Cooper?" His wife said that the dog was also missing. The father came home and the family couldn't find Carson or their dog, Cooper. The Golden Retriever-German Shepard was a rescue dog that the family found on the side of the road. They taught Cooper never to leave the property. They thought that maybe Cooper followed Carson.

The police were joined by 200 volunteers from this very close-knit community of 800 when the call went out that the child was missing. They searched the 200 acres that surrounded the house to no avail.

The search went on for hours and about 2 a.m. the weather took a turn for the worst with pelting rain and thunder. Cooperstown Sheriff Robert Hook told the media that the weather was so bad he had to send people searching on foot home. The people on the ATV four-wheelers stayed and continued the search, according to the Huffington Post.

Police mounted the four-wheeler ATMs to comb the area once again at about 2:30 in the morning. An officer came across Cooper laying on top of Carson in the tall grass of a knoll. They were about a mile and a half away from their house.

It looked as if Carson had been sleeping and the dog was using his body to protect his little friend. The officer scooped up Carson and brought him back home on his four-wheeler. Cooper followed the vehicle close behind.

Both Carson and Cooper were checked out and both were fine. A doctor on the scene said that Carson was in good health, but he complained off having cold feet!

Carson told his mother that he got "a little scared" when it got dark, but he said Cooper kept him safe. Brock Urness, Carson's dad, made a statement to the media thanking the people of the communtity for all their help. He said:

"We’re very thankful for the police and local fire department here and all the people with horses and four-wheelers and the walkers," Urness told the outlet. "We’re very grateful that they all came and looked and helped us."

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