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Dog Poo is NOT Yard Fertilizer

Poo B Gone Pooper Scooper
Poo B Gone Pooper Scooper
Poo B Gone Pooper Scooper

Contrary to this popular belief, Poo B Gone Pooper Scoopers assures us that dog poo is NOT yard fertilizer. Poo B Gone is a premier pet waste removal service in the Dallas area. Poo B Gone loves dogs (and their owners). They are committed to providing the VERY best in pet waste removal.

Poo B Gone’s website is full of information to pet owners regarding the necessity of being free from unsanitary pet waste. They have years of experience in lawn care and have expanded their expertise to pet waste.

They have an incredibly reasonable rate schedule for individual dog owners on a regular basis. They will also give estimates for one-time service for individual dog owners. They are also available for special events where pet waste removal is needed. Please call Poo B Gone for an estimate on your next event @ 972-247-6964.

In addition, they are committed to assisting in animal rescue. Please “like” their facebook page and visit their website for all of their scheduled events, fun contests and activities as they assist adoption events, pet food drives and other area activities and organizations.