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Dog poo detective: New position opens up as dog owners neglect to pick up poop

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A dog poo detective is a new career that should be on the rise in the coming years as the number of dog owners grow. A town in Spain is fed up with the dog poo being left on the side of the road or the sidewalk by irresponsible dog owners, so they hired a dog poo detective, according to MSN News on April 3.

While being a dog poo detective is anything but a glamorous job, someone has got to do it. To add a little intrigue to the job, the detective gets to dress incognito and walk along the city streets watching for the owner who doesn’t pick up the dog’s bowel movement.

This is something the dog poo detective will video tape and also take a sample of the dog’s deposit as evidence. Then the owner will be fined a hefty $200 for their carelessness.

Earlier in the week there were actors dressed up as the old fashioned gum-shoes handing out flyers about the dog poo detective and the duties he will perform. The town government is giving dog owners a heads-up about what to expect staring Wednesday if you neglect to pick up after your dog.

It spells out the fine the neglectful dog owner will need to pay along with other information on the bigger fines for reoccurring offenders. Colmeiar Viejo, which is a historical town outside of Madrid, is aiming to offer a dog poo-free experience to the residents and visitors alike.