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Dog photography

A working dog in action
A working dog in action

Many of us out there are dog lovers. As a mater of fact, there are anywhere from 35 million to 68 million dog owners in America alone. This is not surprising of course because of just how wonderful these furry creatures are. A few good ways to photograph your dog(s).

Does your dog like to show off his pearly whites in a great big doggy-smile? If so, then get him to smile as much as possible, but don't break out the camera just yet. Let him get really comfortable and relaxed. Once you've got him smiling away and you are sure that he is nice and comfy, then start snapping as many pictures as you can get of him!

Got an extremely active dog, who loves to play fetch or to catch a frisbee? Then get your athlete to give you a show. It's usually easier if you have someone helping you. Get your friend or spouse to play with your star and then make sure to get your shots. However, you do not want to pressure your pup, so if they get tired before you get the shots you want then just let them have a dog day out. Get your pictures later on.

If you have a working dog, such as a sheepdog or maybe your pooch is a certified K-9, then make sure to get a great picture of them doing what they love and have been trained to do.  Whatever you do, make sure that you don't distract them from their job. It's never a good thing to distract a working dog.

Always make sure to take the photograph that you want to keep forever of your dog showing his or her wonderful personality. Make sure to use the tips from my previous article for your portrait taking.


  • Willena Stevenson 5 years ago

    I never thought about getting my working dogs picture, while she was working. What a great idea. I own a blue heeler and would love to get her in action. But I also like the idea about just letting your dog have fun!!! No matter what! I love your ideas and I am going to try them, as soon as it gets warmer! LOL

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