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Dog Pet Owners

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Dog pet owners come in every shape, size and color and the pets dog owners have also come in many breeds, shapes, sizes and colors.

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Usually all Dog pet owners thinks that their dog is the cutes, prettiest, well mannered, and most loving dog a person could have to call their own.

It’s been said that if a dog owner keeps a dog long enough that the dog and the dog owner starts to look alike.

Most dog pet owners will treat their dog or dogs better than they would treat their own children and most dog owners will spoil their dog or dogs rotten, even more rotten than they would spoil their children and dog owners treat their dog as if their dog was a human being.

The pros about being a dog pet owner are, a dog will usually love his owner unconditionally, wont back talk, sass, curse, or be rude. A dog usually never runs away from home, are faithful companions, and a dog will usually do anything to please their owners.

The cons about being a dog pet owner are, sometimes dogs may pee or poop in the house, male dogs may pee in the house to make their territory, medical care for dogs can be expensive, grooming, flea and tic treatments, shots, toys, pet beads, and clothes if you like to dress your dog in something.

Dogs are considered as a mans best friend and my dogs are considered my children, my kids, my doggies, and they are loved very much and in return they love us unconditionally.