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Dog park outing ends in tragedy with death of senior Golden retriever

According to Tuesday's Associated Press, the dog who killed a senior Golden retriever at a Missouri dog park on Sunday afternoon has been surrendered to the authorities.

Rest in peace Buddy
Family photo

On Monday evening, the owner of the Great Dane, who fatally attacked the 11-year-old golden, named "Buddy," turned the dog over to officials at the St. Charles County animal control.

Buddy was killed in front of his devastated guardian, Nick Andres, at the Quail Ridge dog park in Wentzville - after the attack, the owner of the Great Dane left.

After the Dane was surrendered, Andres expressed his gratitude that the situation was highlighted in the media, stating:

He would have stayed in hiding if it weren't for that pressure from people,

You can't hide a dog like that.

On the afternoon of the attack, Andres said that his dog was completely caught off guard by the Great Dane. Andres told the Riverfront Times:

"Buddy was sniffing the ground like he always does, doing his thing, when he was attacked."

In the wake of the devastating incident, Andres has vowed to never return to a dog park - he stated:

You don't know what kind of dogs are there, you don't know what kinds of owners are there,

Think twice before you go. I won't ever be back to another dog park."

The fate of the Great Dane has yet to be determined.

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