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Dog Park open

dog park
dog park
Elizabeth Barr

The new Nacogdoches Dog Park has been open for a few weeks now and it's going well. Handily located near downtown, it's also only a short walk from the hundreds of apartment units that are near campus.

Visit the Dog Park at Banita Creek south park, at the far end of the park, opposite the Nacogdoches Farmer's Market.

Some handy tips to keep in mind:

Notice where the fences mark off areas for Big dogs and Little dogs and keep yours in the right area.

Be alert to any aggressive behavior and remove the dog at once, even if it's yours.

Keep aware in general. When you take someone to the park, keep an eye on them (even if they are a dog!), and don't get too distracted by other things (such as cell phones).

Remember to clean up any messes your dog might make, to leave the park area clean for the next visitor.

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