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Dog Ownership is a very Big Responsibility

Dog ownership can be a very rewarding experience. Dogs are normally very trusting animals that continually give their owners a great deal of joy and loyalty.

Many facts and questions should be taken under consideration before bringing a dog home for the first time.
Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Dog ownership is not merely a right or a privilege – it is also a very big responsibility. The dog is at the kind mercies of the dog owner. The dog depends on the owner to feed, bathe, entertain, and guide it. Others depend on the dog owner to keep the dog from harming or annoying them as well.

Before bringing a new dog into the household, a responsible dog owner takes may important facts and questions under consideration. For those who already have a dog, reevaluation of present dog ownership responsibilities may be in order.

Some dogs live for a very long time. During this time, the dog and the owner will most likely form a bond. Before getting attached to a new dog, the prospective dog owner should consider whether he or she can afford to maintain a dog and pay vet bills. The prospective dog owner should also make sure the home and lifestyle is adequate for the dog. The home should be somewhat dog-proof, and the owner should make sure the dog does not get too bored or lonely.

The dog also needs to be safe. A content dog is a comforting friend for any dog lover.


American Kennel Club

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