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Dog owners in Wheaton can surely use Dogalize US

This app does it all!

You know that winter has broken when you see the people on the Wheaton streets with their pooch leading the pack, ready to be out and about during the months where we don’t have to trudge through several inches (or feet) of snow. This summer Dogalize US is offering a free app for dog owners that can make that out-and-about time something for both you and your dog to enjoy.

Dogalize is not only new and free, but it is socially acceptable as well! With Dogalize you will get the following:

1. The best social network dedicated to four-legged friends!

2. With Dogalize you will be able to geo-localize four-legged friends, video-call and chat with your companions, search and locate dog-friendly places like dog areas, restaurants, hotels, veterinarians, pet shops and much more.

3. An app that will allow you to interact with all social networks by sharing your experiences and multimedia content such as posts, photos and videos about your dog with all other dog owners.

4. A geo-location system that will allow you to pinpoint the location of four-legged friends and other local dog-friendly places like playgrounds, restaurants, hotels and pet stores.

5. Communication capability with friends, groups that you can create, chats, the ability to make calls and video-calls; the ability to share experiences by contacting other users or directly asking for help from your pet’s veterinarian.

6. The chance to experience the award-winning Dogalize app; winner among the first 3 APP for the category “Community & Social” at SMAU 2013.

Some of the Dogalize functions include the following:

1. FRIENDS: Find new friends and see how they take care of their dogs

2. KENNELS: You can see all the kennels that are registered in our Partner area

3. CHAT: Use cool emoticons and share photos, videos and posts

4. VIDEO-CALL: Video-call your friends free and share in real time the experiences and games that you do with your 4-legged friend

5. GEO-LOCATION: With the integrated Google Map system you can search and geo-localize friends, places and local dog-friendly such as dogs' areas, parks, kennels, restaurants, vets and pets shops

6. CHECK-IN: Add in your post where, with, and who you are! You can share and advise the best places for dogs

7. VETERINARIANS: You can call or video-call directly the available veterinarians.

8. FREE LISTINGS: For all local rescue and shelter organizations so if you are searching for your next furry best friend, you should have absolutely no problems finding him or her!

Dogalize US is the first app to feature Veterinary Telemedicine and was written up in the Huffington Post and featured on News World. It is truly becoming a sensation! Dog owners across the country are benefiting from using the free app. Don’t you want to be in the know about what is happening in and around Wheaton, Illinois – or in the rest of the dog world?

Check out their website:; Facebook: To download, go to the following:

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