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Dog owner jumps in river to save his blind dog who couldn't swim

Little Stevie and his human Kevin McGarry glad to be back on dry land.
Twitter Suzy Griffin

Kevin McGarry's blind dog named Stevie was sniffing too close to the shoreline at the River Liffey in Ireland on Monday when the little dog slipped and fell in. According to The Journal, McGarry was scared as the little dog slipped away:

“When I saw him go over the edge I was just in shock. He is only little and his little legs so he could not swim.”

Not being a strong swimmer himself, McGarry was hesitant to jump in, but little Stevie wasn't doing well, and his owner just had to do what was necessary to save his little pal. Two bystanders helped with the rescue as McGarry caught Stevie as the terrified little pooch was about to sink under the water.

Thankfully everyone was safe, and extremely happy to back on solid ground.

McGarry rescued Stevie two years ago, when he visited an animal shelter with the idea of rescuing one dog. When told the story that the dogs were brothers, and Oscar served as Stevie's guide dog, McGarry adopted both of them.

Oscar wears a collar with a bell around his neck; Stevie follows the sound of the bell. The two dogs and McGarry are extremely grateful that people were there to help.

We're pretty sure that Stevie will be more careful in the future sniffing around riverbanks.

McGarry stated that Stevie received a lot of extra love that night at home.

We love happy endings.

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