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Dog on leash shot, killed by deputy during welfare check in York, SC

What should have been a routine welfare check turned tragic Tuesday when a York County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed a family pet that he said became aggressive and charged him, according to an article published Wednesday afternoon in the Herald-Online newspaper.

A dead phone led to tragedy as a York County sheriff's deputy shot and killed a family pet while conducting a routine welfare check.
Facebook page Alice Renee Rodgers McGlone

Scarlett was a 9-year-old Labrador Retriever that owner Alice Renee McGlone has had since she adopted him from the shelter as a puppy. She normally stays in the house with McGlone but she was outside on her leash/tie-out in the back yard near her dog house when she apparently saw the deputy walk around the corner of the house.

The Sheriff's department was responding to a call from McGlone's daughter in Virginia requesting that they check on McGlone and her elderly mother. Apparently McGlone had been unable to reach her mother for several days because the phone was dead.

When the two deputies who made the visit did not receive any response to a knock on the front door, they walked around the house. That's when Deputy Jonathan Reed says he saw the dog charged him with her head down and her teeth bared. According to McGlone, Scarlett normally barked when someone came into the driveway. The family says the dog has no history of aggression and was simply doing what dogs do when a stranger comes into the yard: bark to protect the family.

York County Animal Control has no records of any dog aggression complaints, however one neighbor told Reed that he had called Animal Control in the past to report that the dog had tried to bite his niece.

Capt. Allen Brandon of the York County Sheriff's Office told the Hearld-Online that there had been a warning issued at that address for a leash law violation in January.

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