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Dog on a swing

Boise getting comfortable on the swing
Boise getting comfortable on the swing

How do you motivate a child to try going on the swing during physical therapy sessions?

Boise was so comfy on the swing

Well, you put a dog on the swing first!

Boise was the perfect dog to demonstrate the safe way to sit and lay down on a swing.

While the apparatus was on the floor, the large Golden was encouraged to "come on up!"

He very gently went onto the swing being guided by his handler and therapist working with the child.

Boise was so comfortable he actually took a nap at one point!

Seeing the dog try something new is great motivation for a child reluctant to try anything new.

Often as animal therapy teams we have to be very creative in finding safe and engaging ways to utilize the animal to bring about a result.

Benny was able to get into the ball box with Julian and now Boise can demonstrate the swing.

The dogs are always on leash and handled with the utmost of care and safety.

And they love trying these new tasks as well - working is such fun!

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