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Dog nears the end of his life in boarding after owner's death

Alfie needs a home
Alfie needs a home
Pacific Coast Dog Rescue

At 14-years of age, a 40-pound Labrador retriever mix named "Alfie," is nearing the end of his natural life...if a foster home is not found soon, his life will end inside of a California boarding facility.

In May, Alfie's sad situation was published and read by thousands of people, but to date, nobody has come forward to offer their home to the elderly dog. On Thursday, Alfie's frustrated advocate, with the Pacific Coast Dog Rescue, stated:

Senior lab-x should not live out his life in a kennel environment - is there really no foster home for Alfie in all of Los Angeles - Orange County?

She added:

His doggie girlfriend Sweetie, just passed away at 15 years old without ever finding her forever home. Please help me, not to let that happen to Alfie!

Alfie was born to a feral mom and his siblings, who matured into confident, happy dogs, all found adoptive homes. Alfie, more sensitive than his litter-mates, did not. After years of searching for a loving home, a guardian was found and for a short time, all seemed to be perfect.

Tragically, earlier this year, Alfie's loving guardian fell ill and passed away and he ended up back in boarding. For months, a search has been underway to help Alfie return to a home once again.

Alfie has a laundry-list of wonderful attributes...he is dog friendly, professionally obedience trained, snuggly and quiet. Alfie can be shy and would be best suited to joining a home with a female guardian who does not have cats. Alfie is neutered, house-trained and is located in the Orange county/Los Angeles, Calif., area.

Click here to read more about Alfie.

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