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Dog nearly electrocuted while on walk with guardian

Dog nearly electrocuted on walk
Dog nearly electrocuted on walk
Screen shot via ABC 7 News

According to ABC 7 news, a young dog nearly died while on a walk with his guardian after stepping on a metal sidewalk grate in Oakland, Calif., on Friday.

Mickey, a two-year-old bloodhound, was immediately impacted by the electrified PG&E grate on Harrison Street - his guardian, Shubha Ramani, recounted the terrifying scene:

Live current literally went right through his paws,

He went into this ballistic freak out of just collapsing and flailing and screaming and yelping and poop flying everywhere. He was biting his tongue and he was having a serious seizure."

Mickey was saved when a good Samaritan rushed over to pull him off of the metal grate - Ramani stated:

He risked his life to pull Mickey's collar off of him and push him off the grid,

After spending a night at a veterinary hospital, Mickey was able to return home, but his guardian has notice that he is not the same dog and she hopes that her former "high-maintenance puppy" will return with time.

The electric company is paying the injured dog's veterinary expenses and they released the following statement:

"Our preliminary investigation shows that someone outside PG&E may have illegally accessed our equipment, resulting in an unsafe situation. We will conduct a full investigation."

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