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Dog named Beatrice survives being horribly burned and left to die

Dog was rescued after being burned and left to die.
Dog was rescued after being burned and left to die.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

A horrible act of animal cruelty happened to a sweet dog named Beatrice who was stolen from her own yard and then set on fire by someone she didn’t know. This story was reported by Fox 6 Now on April 7 on how this gorgeous pooch was rescued and survived this terrible nightmare.

The five-year-old mixed breed was taken last month as she was playing in the backyard of her home with two other dogs. Owner Karen Smith-Burns said that she ran out to the yard when she heard the other dog barking crazily. At that point, Beatrice was already gone. 11 days later, she got a phone call saying that her dog had been found, but her condition was not good.

“(Beatrice) was seen down at Potawatomi Casino where a concerned person called MADACC to pick her up,” Smith-Burns said.

That concerned person saved the life of the pooch that was hanging on by a thread. After being taken to Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals, Dr. Marla Lichtenberger took care of her and realized what a fighter she really is. She was found to have been burned about 90% of her body. Beatrice was immediately given IV fluids and put on pain medication.

The after effects of this animal cruelty has not stopped the sweet personality that Beatrice is said to have.

“She’s incredible. She’s a great dog. Really friendly and just loves everybody,” Dr. Lichtenberger said.

Even though the dog is expected to make a full recovery, she will have to go through the process of having her skin fall off as well as losing part of her ear as it was charred from being set on fire.

While Beatrice is recovering from her injuries, the Milwaukee police are still searching for the person or persons that deliberately took this dog and made her suffer by burning her. A reward is being offered for information on this case.

“Animal Fairy Charities, which is a charity program for animals, is putting out a reward to find any information or any tips on the person that did this so we can stop this and find that person,” Dr. Lichtenberger said.

Help spread the word to get justice for Beatrice. Contact the Milwaukee police with any info on this case.

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