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Dog named Angel needs ride to California to live

Angel is not doing well in her foster home and needs to get to California.
Bobbi Wekenmann

Angel is a sweet dog with a very sad face. Just this month, she was rescued from a rural Alabama shelter with a very short wait period before dogs are put to sleep. He background was unknown but it soon became clear that this American Bulldog does not like other animals, period.

Angel has been through two failed foster homes in the short time she has claimed freedom. Her current foster family recognizes that her issues are more than they can handle and a trainer in California is willing to take her and work with her animal aggression, if they can get her there.

"We don't want anything to happen to this poor girl," says Bobbi Wekenmann who runs a private rescue mostly funded out of her own earnings. "If anyone knows of someone who could help get her there or help raise $ 375 to put on a transport going there next week please help!"

Angel is one year-old and currently still in Alabama.

Time is running short to get this beautiful dog into the right hands. For more information or to offer assistance, please contact rescue coordinators at

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